New lower drink drive limit came into force at midnight - get the facts at:- (added 5 December2014)


FREE New Driver Packs Available To Learner Drivers In The Scottish Highlands:

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The new average speed cameras go live on Tuesday 28 October 2014.  Click here to access the A9 Safety Group website and find out more.

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Vehicle check tips from Police Scotland

Driving in Bad Weather - TIPS:

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For information about road safety in Scotland view the Scottish Government document ‘Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020 - Go Safe on Scotland’s Roads, it’s Everyone’s Responsibility’. click here:



Aims The aim of the Northern Safety Camera Partnership is to reduce the number of people killed and injured on Highland roads.

Objectives Reduce the number of personal injury accidents on Highland roads / Reduce the overall speed of vehicles on specific roads in the Highlands / Achieve Government targets for 2020 regarding casualty reduction.

Northern Safety Camera Partnership

The Northern Safety Camera Partnership (NSCP) was launched in July 2004. The Partnership’s principal aim is to reduce road deaths and casualties on Highland roads by encouraging and educating all road users to drive within permitted speed limits. NSCP will achieve this by promoting the objectives of the Partnership and through the use of safety cameras situated in areas where there is a history of collisions and excessive speed.